We’re moving to Colorado! What?!

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I’ll be honest… I am not a fan of the D.C. area. It definitely has some perks, but I’ve always itched to get out – even if it was just to Baltimore. The humidity is too much; I’m not a huge fan of the culture and overall vibe; and I have never wanted to stay in one place my whole life. Even if we ended up moving back at some point, I knew I still had to get out. 

We’ve always had Colorado on our list of possible places to escape to and also loosely considered Boston, Philadelphia, and Seattle. Once I graduated from George Washington University in May 2019, the door to any of those places was suddenly wide open. 

It started off slowly – both Ryan and I ended up at companies with offices in Boulder and Denver, respectively. And Denver inched to the top of the list of possibilities. I started to think about it more and more – I mean, it’d certainly be a lot easier to move to a new city where we already had jobs, right?

As corny as it sounds, I then had a dream that summer that we DID move to Denver and were so incredibly happy. I woke up and knew the move had to happen. Ryan has already been to Denver a handful of times, and at the time, I had never been (yes, I was still willing to move there, site unseen haha!). He suggested I visit and see if this was really something we wanted to do. I immediately scheduled a trip for September 2019 and had an amazing week in Denver. I’m not sure how to explain it, but I never felt so free – with all the outdoors activities, the laid back vibe, the abundance of live music and art, the friendliness of residents… after a rough past few months (someone should research “post-graduate degree life crisis”), I felt like I could breathe again. 

I mean, I clearly had a good time during my visit.
Views from Rocky Mountain National Park.

I came back to D.C. and immediately discussed with my company how to move offices – and I had to wait for an opening. It was a little nerve racking… everything seemed a bit unknown. We talked about different timelines and when we could move over and over, but nothing seemed to fall quite into place.

Then fast forward two months, and I was recommended to support a team based in Denver – a team that didn’t even know I was interested in moving there. Fast forward another two months, and one of the team members quit – and they asked if I wanted to replace them full-time… and move. 

And then COVID happened. 

At the time, in early February 2020, I was flying out to Denver at least once a month. The team had scheduled more trips, increasing through the end of July, and I decided I would start  checking out apartments and making a plan for how to get out there officially. COVID threw things a bit more up in the air, but after discussing the future, we both decided we didn’t want to wait anymore. If anything, as others have been saying as well, COVID made us realize how much we don’t want to be in D.C. anymore. 

Our companies were on board, and we started virtually touring apartments in June and running potential options by our colleagues already in the city for input. We settled on one in downtown in early August for move-in in mid-October! 

Things have been a whirlwind, and we will share more of our journey (actual and figurative haha). We officially move in less than three weeks! It’s hard to believe – it’s a weird feeling that this is still not happening mixed with straight anxiety and panic (mainly with the moving process). But even if it turns out to be a mistake, and we move back or somewhere else, I’d rather try it and see instead of wondering what if. But this whole move has seemed to fall completely into place, and I’m excited to see what the next year brings!

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